Cycling and cycling trails

Adventurers, explorers, amateurs and two-wheel-pedaling enthusiasts – you are in the right place to experience new and unforgettable rides through our beautiful region. Whether you prefer rides along the rivers, or perhaps through forested hills and glades, or you have preferences to visit a specific village or area – we have prepared something for you.

We recommend you labeled and marked trails, with distances from 8 up to 55 km, and variety of ascents and levels of difficulty. Select a trail which best fits you and you are ready to go. The path and markings will lead you exactly the way you are supposed to go, and the only thing that remains for you is to follow them and enjoy the scenery that passes slowly by your side.

The first marked route circles around nearby villages in forested hilly and mountainous areas with the total distance of 55 km. Don’t let this discourage you; this is only one of the trails, the longest one.
Yet the second trail is significantly shorter. With the distance of 43 km, the trail passes through pitoresque landscapes and villages of the Janj area, one of two specific geografical areas within the municipality.

If you wish to combine riding by the pitoresque watercourse of the Pliva river with passing through the wavy landscapes of the Olić lake and descending down the path along the Janj river, the ideal trail for you, in that case, is the third one. With the total distance of 20 km as well as mild ascents, this trail follows the circular route that connects Šipovo, Dragnić, Olići, Donji Mujdžići, Šipovo.

The two easiest trails follow the course of the Pliva river. You can also set off on a 8km long trail towards the sources of the Pliva river. The trail has a very mild ascent and numerous interesting localities along the way which are ideal for breaks and taking pictures.

Or you can go downstream for approximately 23 km to Jajce and, while enjoying the view on the Pliva lakes along the way, as well as rich and diverse flora and fauna, in the end you will arrive to the place where Pliva falls into the embrace of the Vrbas river.

All trails are characterized by fresh and clean air, numerous places and lookouts suitable for breaks and taking pictures, or for enjoying a picnic, with great chances that it will be accompanied by birds’ song, chirping of crickets, as well as the freshness in the thick shade in which you get settled.


We recommend

Delegacija Evropske unije u Bosni i Hercegovini
Министарство трговине и туризма


For the first time in the history of the city, the tourist organization of the municipality of Šipovo was officially established on June 19, 2007 by the Municipal Assembly of Šipovo. Its main task is to present and improve the tourist offer of the municipality. The seat of the organization is, in Gavrila Principa Street, no. 7a.
Contact phone: +387 (0) 50 371 928.

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