Culture and history

Take a time machine to the ancient and glorious past of this region. In the hills, the remains of the fortification of the Illyrian tribes will return you to the year 1500 b.c. You will witness, that at that time the ancient Romans slowly suppressed the Illyrian tribes

The Romans soon established the settlement of Baloja. You can only imagine how busy the road was through Baloja, because even today there are discontinuities from the wheels on the remains of the roads. These depressions were made by commercial vehicles loaded with paklina from these parts and salt from the Adriatic coast. All those who decide to climb to the Soko city – fortifications above the Sokočnica river, will have the opportunity to see the trails and the medieval knights’ paths look like. The very idea that they were moving on a daily basis, under heavy equipment, swords and armor, causes a sense of admiration and respect for the past of this region. How many people who then inhabited these areas were respected and in their time, marble testifies. Marble with groups of necropolises – stećak tombs, made so well and massively, to resist the teeth of time. They testify that these parts were important since ancient times and that they were inhabited by respected and respected people.

The monastery of Glogovac and the church in Šipovo, Pljeva, Strojice, Babići and Pribeljci, are today lighthouses of devotion and spirituality of the people of this region. Together with the Cultural Center “Nikola Kokošar” they are also guardians of folk choirs, games, songs and costumes.

The best way to feel and experience the spirit and traditions of this region is by visiting one of the many events. Here you can choose between sports and traditional manifestations with ethno-sense. Also, Šipovo is developing a unique blend of modern culture and old traditions where visitors can enjoy during the summer season, and bring with you a piece of rich history and culture created in a beautiful nature that will impress you.


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Министарство трговине и туризма


For the first time in the history of the city, the tourist organization of the municipality of Šipovo was officially established on June 19, 2007 by the Municipal Assembly of Šipovo. Its main task is to present and improve the tourist offer of the municipality. The seat of the organization is, in Gavrila Principa Street, no. 7a.
Contact phone: +387 (0) 50 371 928.

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