Fortress Sokograd

Sokograd, the most important monument of the middle Ages in this area, rises above the river Sokočnica. The first mention happens in 1363, when the Bosnian ban Tvrtko I Kotromanjić defeated Hungarian army. After the collapse of the Bosnian kingdom 1463. the Sokograd remained in Hungarian control until 1527. , when it Ottoman force definitely concords. Since then and until 1833. the fortress is maintained by the Turkish army. After the departure of the last Ottoman guards in 1833. The famous fortress fell into oblivion..


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Министарство трговине и туризма


For the first time in the history of the city, the tourist organization of the municipality of Šipovo was officially established on June 19, 2007 by the Municipal Assembly of Šipovo. Its main task is to present and improve the tourist offer of the municipality. The seat of the organization is, in Gavrila Principa Street, no. 7a.
Contact phone: +387 (0) 50 371 928.

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